Retire at 40?!

As much as this sound very optimistic, and said on a Monday ๐Ÿ˜‚, I'm going to be working on this "Dream" to come true!

10 years ago, I set a goal of having $100K and well let's say I achieved that by buying a house, using a housing loan, but it still mine right?

Now, today, on Monday, the day I was born, the day our Prophet Mohamad was born, which I guess it is a great day, and I believe that's the reason behind why I am very optimistic on every single Monday! So on this day on my 34th Birthday, I will dedicate my next 6 years, up to being 40 years old, if I ever reach that age, to be retired!

Retiring early must be the best thing a human being can do to himself, knowing that this is kind of impossible when living in a 3rd world corrupted country, I still have faith of my ability to do this, you might ask how? Well I will leave this to my next future posts and I need your help with suggestions.

If you get this far reading I will appreciate your opinion and thoughts.

My next post will include some steps to take in order to retire at 40!

Have a nice week ahead.