Yep that's right, 3 days in a row without writing anything, and we're just in the beginning! A lot happened in these 3 days, as much as I was about to resign this journey and stop everything.

They say you need 3 weeks to build a habit and 12 weeks to create a different lifestyle, and I was about to fail on the beginning of my second week, yes guilty as charged, I'm being lacking and ignoring my own advises and goals.

I usually like Mondays, and still, but when you start your week with two BIG problems you feel down and it will affect your whole day and even week. I won't go thru my problems here as this is not my intention of these articles, let's stay a bit professional.

What did I learn x3

As I said on my previous article I will be listing stuff I have learned thru the days hoping it would be useful for you as for me.

  1. Always trust your guts
  2. Don't say I will do it tomorrow
  3. Organize, stay focused

These are the main 3 new rules I'll be following, yes rules, because when you learn something after a hard experience you must create a rule to follow so you don't fall into that problem once again.

when you solve a life problem, you create a rule, then you follow this rule

As you can already conclude, I wouldn't go thru what was the bad influence and ruined my whole purpose if I trusted my intuition, always follow what your guts tell you, if you feel something gonna work, go for it with no regrets, it's called 6th sense and it works for everyone, maybe because of what we experienced before, the brain records everything, every meeting, every decision made, every experience, but it is important to be true to yourself so you don't be far emotional and take decisions with those emotions which is totally different.

Everyday is unique and different

Everyday is unique and different, so don't push your today's jobs to tomorrow, otherwise you will find yourself embedded with tasks so you will drop many in order to reorganize your schedule. That's where prior organizing comes in, it will help you stay focused and order your tasks so you can fulfill your day with success.

Create a TODO list and follow it to the end, you might fail for the first couple times but make sure you try your best, this list will include stuff you have to accomplish on that day, and as we mentioned on the previous article this will be a part of micro-goals for the bigger one you want to achieve.

Small wins are better than none

When you follow a small list of daily tasks, you come at the end of the day happy with the small achievement you've done, this small win will teach you to grow bigger tasks and eventually build the right path to your goals. Don't underestimate the power of small wins, they are better than no-win at all! Oh, and start with the most unpleasant, bitter ones so you can forget about and continue your day without their stress.

List of Goals and Dreams

I have created my small list of what I want to accomplish on the long run, this list will grow by time, but what I discovered that my list don't feed my ultimate goal which is retiring at 40, maybe because these were old projects I thought about in an earlier stage, so my next step is to include more projects that will help me continue living after 40 without the fact having to work forever!

Did you create your list? let me know if it's a yes, and why if it's a no.

Have a great rest of week.