It's Day 6 and it's Saturday! Yay weekend! and like we decided on the previous article weekends have less work more family, friends, and personal goals.

Family, source of power we all have

So as we agreed more family and friends today, right? and that's what I did :)

Family is the back you need whenever you feel down, stressed or lost! Just seeing a member of your family whether is a parent, a sister, or a brother is more than enough to get back the energy you need to continue, move forward and achieve. Good family is always the power to launch again and go toward your dreams.

I encourage anyone having issues with his family members to get over it and fix, I truly believe in the power of the united family can do to each individual.

A true friend is a gem, don't waste it!

Today was a bless, I spent time with my parents, rejoined with two of my best, like really best, friends, met a new potential client and had the chance to meet someone who would be a great reference for my ultimate goal in the future, which is again, retiring at 40!

I know on these days it is really hard to have a friend, how about getting more than one that you can consider true, that's why a true friend is a real gem. A gem is hard to find and precious, you can add priceless when talking about friends.

Ultimate backup, source of advises, stress relievers, fun, escape, new opportunities, secrets keeper, show the best of you and others are quality of friends, don't waste it!

Life is short don't waste it fighting the wrong persons.

Thank you for reaching this far reading my long article today, I meant to talk about family and friends because of the true benefits that come along emotional, psychological, and professionally. Life is short don't waste it fighting the wrong persons.