Basically today is the Day 5 of the journey, but unfortunately yesterday I wasn't able to reach my laptop and I didn't find any way to create an article using my Android app, I can only create posts which approves my debate about posts being better than articles for LinkedIn, but still I will continue writing articles because of space I get and will share them via posts more often.

Religion, professionally?

I won't be talking about these two days separately as I am on a one way journey and everything is related. Some religion will be included on what comes next, but it will be for proof reasons, professionally.

The past two days was not as successful as I intended to be, but I forgive myself, still on the beginning and here is the safe place to get stuff wrong and correct them, no?

Time is priceless, and we all have it!

What was wrong that I couldn't really manage my time! slept late, woke up late, bad performance, no concentration and little achievements! which all were reflected by the bad time management.

Here where religion comes in, today at the mosque the Friday Sermon was about time management, yes the thing I was struggling thru the past days! As much as surprised I was, what I concluded in brief is that nothing can be done or achieved without time management, yes that's why you see big names daily routine is very well managed. During the speech, the Cheikh mentioned that everything comes and go except time, which make it a true treasure we cannot retrieve once lost! yes Time is priceless and we all have it! I won't go deep with the Cheikh's sermon but it was on point!

Setup the routine

After all that said, a customized routine must be created and followed in order to achieve what I want, which is obviously Retiring at the age of 40. A routine should include rest, work, goals, family, and health in my opinion.

24 hours for:

  • Sleep: 6 Hours
  • Goals: 3 Hours
  • Work: 9 Hours
  • Health: 2 Hours
  • Family & Friends: 4 Hours

On weekend we can distribute work hours on the others :)

This might look very basic, but I will be tweaking it until set to a routine with more production and better results and details on each will be discussed in future articles for sure.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

To go back to my main tag on my previous couple articles, here and here, were about finding good ways for passive incomes.

A friend (Taleb Kabbara) suggested affiliate marketing to be considered as one of successful passive incomes but with slow results.