Here we are, Day 3, started bad, let's say established badly, and hope it will finish better!

In my previous article I mentioned about making researches about passive income, well I did, but still not ready to write about it, need more time, some of the reasons was starting my day badly.

I didn't tell you before that since day 1, not long ago, I started to wake up earlier around 4:30 5 am; they say successful people does that because you will have more time to meditate, think, work "alone" before anyone gets up, yep I will be one of those successful ;)

But yesterday I couldn't sleep for many reasons, mainly because our neighbor's dog was barking till midnight, had a lot to finish before going to bed and because I was hungry and ate late, very late!

We learn so we can change!

I tend to learn from anything that I encounter, and since I decided to be on this mission, I won't ignore it, eating late is not good, so we need to change that.

Sleeping late till i couldn't even wake up early, so I lost my time with myself helping myself moving forward to my goal, I understand this is not a game, I want and I will retire at 40!

To keep this article more professional as we're on LinkedIn, I was trying to decide more if I should be creating articles or posts on here, yesterday's article was my first, didn't get a lot of insights, but knowing that my post will be large I think I should keep it this way.

I will end my day reading more about how passive income can be achieved and want you to help me out with that.