This is the first post I create from my own blog! As much as I am excited for this news, there are more important news to talk about, The Revolution.

The people, We, are protesting against the government actions, in short: bad strategic deployment of economical plans to improve the whole situation in the country.

As I mentioned on my first article we live in a level 1 corrupted third world country, many problems passed upon the citizens here, but we fed up when adding more and more taxes on the average and low wage people, without forgetting that we're upon more than 40% unemployment percentage across Lebanon, new graduates cannot find opportunities to work inside the country, they translate their dreams outward and leaving the country became their first step after graduation.

Mohamed Azakir - Reuters

Mohamed Azakir - Reuters

It's good to protest, but?

We are fed up, and it's about time to say the word, ENOUGH. Enough is enough, we cannot handle this anymore, this is not what our country is, we cannot stand still watching everything in this country fall down!

Protesting against the corruption is a must, and better late than never, it's always good to protest, no buts, countries are built by free people, free minds, and spirits

What next?

It is a little early to talk about the next steps, but it is important to know where we are going, the image is still foggy right now, but things are going in the right way. The Prime Minister talked yesterday about giving his own government 72hours to find solutions and put plans into track to fix the situation or else he will resign. This resignation is the first demand by protestants. Our duty is to act according the result in the next elections, we are the first responsible of choosing who lead us.

Photo by <a href="">Sunyu</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash

The revolution start within ourselves

In the end we hope this goes as smooth as it can be, we all need to act wisely and take a deep look of the future with all what is going around us in the region, free yourselves because the revolution start within ourselves.

We should unite our demands in a logical way in order to be heard and stay in the streets until they act accordingly!