This week I wanted to try the 331 posting, my previous post covered 3 days, this will be covering the past 3 days, and on Sunday I will be creating a new article and wrapping up the whole week.

I've decided to create my own simple blog to cover my journey to the 40, while keep posting articles here too. Blog should be out in the coming couple weeks.

I like Instagram, especially since I make use of it to get my daily training program from the best trainer Brian Decosta. They say an image worth thousands words, and that's what Instagram is about in my opinion. And to be real, we all like to scroll down our phones looking for interesting stuff, and lately I'm saving a lot of posts related to investments, business ideas and of course passive income ideas!

So I came across a post from investingalpha account page and it was really interesting to see, I know we cannot trust anything we see on the internet, but yet we can investigate and check the level of truth in it.

So in this post, it mentions "28 ideas for passing income" which was surprisingly shocking and draw a smile on my face even before reading it because it shortcuts a lot of the heavy work I need to do to get those ideas myself.

I will state what I think I can do or what are, in my opinion, eligible enough:

  1. Rent out a room, whether it is airbnb or not
  2. Affiliate marketing, already mentioned that on previous articles
  3. Create/Sell an online course
  4. Create an app
  5. Rent out your car, or go into car rental business
  6. Start your own store - Shopify + Printful , and I'm really considering this out!
  7. Become a silent business partner, too soon for this though

What I find interesting and must look more into:

  1. Invest in dividend paying stocks
  2. to buy an app or website
  3. Invest in crowdfunded real estate -
  4. Design products to sell on red bubble - I'm not a designer though, but worth looking into it

So 7 to 11 out of 28 is pretty good, must say other options might be good for you, but as for me, some are too legit or hard to accomplish like being an influencer! or some I cannot do from where I live like promoting my car or using amazon fba, even renting out my car, which I listed above is kinda not doable over here in my case.

For me creating a store or an app are the most doable ideas in the near future, as I have a couple of ideas for store and app which I would love to spare some of my time into creating them and see how it goes, will keep you posted!

Image credit: Shutterstock

Image credit: Shutterstock

As the journey of my retirement continues, some things must change and other things should be done, but what it is most important is to free myself from anything that hold me back into going forward to achieve my goal.


I think it is trendy to get a loan buy a car, a house, travel, renovate, credit card or anything else. They made it easy for us to fall into debts that starts and never ends, and that's the main thing what is holding me, which makes it the first obstacle to overcome, paying my debts. Overcoming debts is not a micro goal, it is a macro goal that comes under the main goal of being able to retire at 40.

Talking loud about a problem triggers your mind for new solutions

In the coming articles I will be talking more about what I should do to overcome my debts, because talking about a problems with others opens you up to solutions you never thought about, do you do that?

What do you think are the best ways to follow in order to get rid or avoid debts?

Have a nice end of week :)