Here we are, Day 21, beginning of the 4th week and my 3rd week had zero articles, for many reasons. Son got sick, father got sick, I got sick which upsets all plans and schedules. I couldn't find time to reach my desktop except for work, and as you know I cannot find a way to write an article thru LinkedIn mobile app.

I am writing for Me!

This was one thing, and the other main thing is that I was seriously thinking about the reason I am writing in first place. I have read many articles and posts stating that when you want to write content and succeed, it should be beneficiary for the reader, attractive and informative. Content should expose talents, expertise, study cases and potential showing in order to put yourself in the market correctly. And I have found an answer for my question: I am writing because it makes me think loudly and helped me put my ideas into track. Speaking, documenting what you will do forces you to be real, honest, and active. Hearing yourself helps you continue what you have started, promised yourself to do or thought about doing. So yes I am writing for Me first!

The very best thing happened and still happening is that my personal blog is almost done and will be ready very soon, which will be maybe the first project ever I have started and finished! and this is the start I'm looking for, small achievements for the sake of the big one, retiring at 40 ;)

Until my blog is ready, which will cover my journey, starting with articles and adding more sections later on, I will continue adding ideas on my small list and prioritize them and work on being/meeting with people who can or are helpful into turning ideas to reality.

Today is Monday, a lot to catch up from the previous week and more to accomplish on the coming one, I wish you the best week ahead.